The Two Sides of the Self

28 Jul


     Each of us has a higher Self and a lower self, like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other shoulder. They pull us in opposing directions. The higher Self tries to get us to do the right things that result in unity while the lower self pulls us toward things that serve the individual and create separation. Here are some names for these opposing forces:

angel in the sky     God  /  Satan 

      Angel  /  devil-demons

     Good  /  evil

     (Higher) Self  /  (lower) self

     Ego (Wholeness)  /  ego (individual)

     Compassion  /  pride

cartoon hairy monster 3d

     You have both forces within you seeking control of your consciousness. They make up your personality and being. You have free will to choose which one will affect you more.

     The Self is the compassionate, loving, confident part of you that desires you to be everything you are created to be, working in harmony as part of the beautifully crafted design of the creation. The lower self is the prideful, fearful part of you that isolates and separates you from the beautiful design of the creation.

     The Self operates to bring things together in unity while the lower self operates to set things apart from each other.

     The Self sees similarities between things while the self sees differences.

     The Self sees the best in things and accepts them for what they are while the self makes comparisons and judgments.

     The Self focuses on improving oneself. The self focuses on fixing others.

     The Self pursues harmony. The self pursues pleasure.

     The Self takes the high road. The self takes the low road.

     Which has the most influence over you? The Self or the self? How much harmony is there in your life? The two are directly related. And you have a choice as to which one you allow to become more prominent in your personality.

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