The Trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit

15 Sep


I’ve been trying to decide how to structure this blog so that it can speak to the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, showing how these three need to be brought into unity with each other in order for harmony to be established. I started reading a book of Edgar Cayce’s extrasensory readings (The Power of the Mind) and came up with a formula upon which I’ll structure my writing here.

Let me first say that it’s unfortunate that religion, in suggesting its own explanations of the Unexplainable, habitually ignores or demeans information it hears that it can’t explain or understand. I think it’s childish and arrogant to negate the ideas of people (especially those who are “on your side”) that might help us grasp a microscopic piece of the Unexplainable.

Along came Edgar Cayce in the early twentieth century, displaying a psychic gift that he used only to heal and improve the lives of people. He refused to use his gift for his own financial gain. His readings are filled with biblical proofs, using the wisdom of the ages to guide and confirm the information he shared.

trinity imageIn the book mentioned, he made an analogy of the Christian understanding of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to the body, mind, and spirit of the human person. The Father as body is the Creative Force that dwells within us. Within our limbs, brains, and physical matter, the Creative Force lives and moves and has its being.

The Son is the mind, for the Bible tells us we should have the mind of Christ. The mind is the builder, the one who directs us to use the physical body in ways that are good, right, and true. Obviously, we don’t always have the mind of Christ, which is love for all. But we strive for that ideal.

And the Spirit is the soul or the attributes of the spirit that manifest (become noticeable) in the body. You might think of the spirit as the motivational forces that give rise to the actions of the physical and mental functions.

All of these – body, mind, spirit – are dependent upon each other. The variations that cause the characteristics or the personality or individuality of each entity vary according to the reaction that is brought into play in the mind (p. 33).

When these are out of attune or not coordinating with the First Cause (the Creator or God), the greater unfolding may not occur (p. 34). When the motivating force of your body, mind, and spirit are in accord, working as one, in and with God, you will know harmony as it is meant to be in your life. 

This is the key: it is when your motivating spirit is focused on “self” rather than on the good of others that your trinity of body, mind, and spirit become out of attune. You lose your true power and ability. You lose your creative energy and your hold upon God, the Creator and the First Cause.

The Trinity works for the good of all, not for the good of the self apart from others. You cannot be happy, content, or at peace until you see the good you are creating for others.

I’d say that’s an awesome way to understand the trinity (or the Trinity within us) – as body, mind, and spirit.

So the plan I will try to follow is to blog about the various ways we can work to assist the trinity of the physical body, the mind, and the spirit so they can become unified in the First Cause – harmonizing in ways that help us in working for the good of others.


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