The Power of Affirmations

31 Dec


          We’re entering a new year. I’m not one for resolutions, at least, not anymore. But I am one for affirmations. Resolutions are temporary. Affirmations are for as long as you say them. So tonight, I’m going to write down what I want to happen in 2017 and then put it on my bathroom mirror. Every day, I will see them. I will speak them out loud. If you don’t get this post until later, just start them today.

          The power of affirmations is real. The power of saying what you believe can happen is real. There is energy that empowers you. The old adage of “seeing is believing” is false. It’s the reverse. Believing is seeing. Believe it and you will see it happen. One excellent way of making it happen is by writing affirmations and repeating them daily, several times a day if you can. Speak it so your ears can hear it and transmit the information to your brain.

          The next step is faith. Religious people think faith is about believing certain things. But the word from the Bible that is translated as faith means something closer to deep conviction. It means determination. It means firm confidence. It means trust that empowers action. It means commitment. It means resolve. It means dedication. “Thinking” something is a fact is easy. Believing (having faith) in something is power.

          Forget about fearing failure. That’s only about impatience. If your goals are in line with harmony and the universe, you’re unstoppable. Don’t set timelines. That’s testing the universe. Allow the universe to help you. Do what you can do today. Speak your affirmations. Then be dedicated to the next step to make it happen.

          The universe wants you to achieve your potential. That’s because the result of your true potential is about bringing harmony in the world rather than material gain for yourself. When you are achieving your potential, you will be “happy.” When you are happy, everyone is attracted to you. You are a light in the darkness of disharmony.

          That’s my hope for you in 2017. I believe you can be happy. I believe you can achieve harmony in your life. Write down some affirmations that will help you to bring peace and harmony into your own life and the lives of others. Do not make them monetary gains. Do not trust in money as the road to happiness. If that’s where you put your faith, you may gain money but you won’t gain happiness. Too many people with money are not happy. They are pressured. They are fearful that someone will take it from them. People who care more about money than relationships and harmony will have neither.

          You can’t do anything without knowing the truth about yourself and your skills. What are you able to do? What are you willing to do? Meditation can help you to know yourself. Take time to understand yourself. Develop a plan that will help you begin to take control of your mind. Meditate.

          So here are the steps to finding harmony in 2017:

1. Write what you believe can be accomplished in the next week. Forget about the next year. Be specific. Do it a week at a time. A day at a time. This is what I’ll do this week.

2. Write down that you set aside 20 minutes every day to sit down and shut your thoughts down. Meditate. Don’t allow yourself to think of anything. Empty your mind. Let the Universe help you. Learn to control your mind. Learn to control yourself. Meditate.

3. Believe you have control of what happens in your life. What you sow is what you reap. Sow goodness. Sow harmony. Sow peace. Sow unity. That’s what you will reap. You can’t be happy without these. Be determined to make this happen.

4. Be yourself. Be who you are. Don’t let anyone define success or happiness for you. Be you and you will be happy.

5. Keep writing affirmations. Keep saying affirmations. And I’ll see you in the New Year!


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