Relaxation, Reiki, and the Sabbath

8 Mar


     I grew up steeped in Christianity, so I was taught very little about subtle energies of the universe. I still know too little about them, but at least I’m now open to learning more as opportunities present themselves. Quantum physics has proven that everything is made up of energy. Those things that are visible to the naked eye are highly condensed bodies of energy. Energy holds all things together, or visa versa, depending on the kind of energy empowering it.

     One exposure I’ve had to subtle energies and one’s ability to use them for good is the practice of Reiki. This is a Japanese method for relaxation that is useful in stress reduction and often facilitates healing. It uses touch but it’s often used without contact with a person. The Reiki practitioner becomes—not a healer, but simply a conduit for healing energy to flow from the Source of peace. Anyone can become a conduit. It’s like becoming a straw. The straw doesn’t do anything except guide the flow of a substance or energy. You don’t have to be special or have any miraculous gifts to help people who need to relax, to reduce their stress, or to assist their bodies in self-defense and repair.

     If a person doesn’t believe they have the capability of healing, just like public speaking, or giving a flu shot, or driving a semi, etc., they won’t attempt to do what they don’t believe they can do. I was uncertain I could engage subtle energies until I heard the stories of others and then chose to become a conduit myself. It was a pleasant surprise.

     The goal of a Reiki session is relaxation. That makes it a sister to the Sabbath. When there is relaxation, tense muscles stop fighting against each other. Conflicting thoughts take a moment to stop battling each other. The body, so miraculously designed, can do incredible things in self-repair when it’s not fighting the universe. That’s why the Sabbath day was created. So a person would take time to recreate and regenerate themselves…to stop fighting and competing with the world and to heal from the wounds and strains of the other six days of work. A Sabbath day is a day of rest. Not a day to impress your neighbors or your God with how religious you are.

     If Sunday is the day you worship, that’s great. People need to get together for encouragement and attempting to make the world a better place. It’s a good thing. But an hour or two one morning a week is not Sabbath. Sometimes it’s as much work as work, especially for preachers, organists, choir directors, etc. Sabbath is twenty-four hours long. Rest. Repair. Rejuvenation. Re-creation of yourself.

     The way you live your life six days of the week is your true worship of the Creator. The Sabbath is a day for rest and relaxation. If you need a little help with stress reduction at any time during the week, give Reiki a try. If you want to help others, consider becoming a conduit for peace.

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