Live in the Now and Know Your True Worth

8 Dec


     I’ve had a hard time living in the present moment. What about you? As I was growing up, I wanted to be older, more respected, a hero in my own eyes. Being who I was in the present day wasn’t enough. I was just common to myself. And I suppose that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves as anything exceptional without letting the ego take over. When the ego gets involved, the easiest way it makes itself rise is to imagine others are of less worth than you. And that’s false. Don’t live a lie. No one is better than another.

     The truth is that you and I are exceptional. Every single person is special. The key is to have eyes that are open and can recognize the uniqueness of each person. Most important is recognizing the blessing to this world that is you. It’s a reality that you can live in. If you don’t, you’ll be chasing the wind for a long time. Rumi inspired me to write this post with the following poem:

Infinite mercy flows continually
But you’re asleep and can’t see it.
The sleeper’s robe goes on drinking river water
While he frantically hunts mirages in dreams
And runs continually here and there shouting,
“There’ll be water further on, I know!”
It’s this false thinking that blocks him
From the path that leads to himself,
By always saying, “Further on!”
He’s become estranged from “here”:
Because of a false fantasy
He’s driven from reality.
– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

     You don’t have to be more than you are today. Just be the person you are all day long. That’s what is going to move you into the future. Today is the key to tomorrow. Be the best you that you can be today. Make it a habit. Live in the now. Keep your attention on the work or person immediately in front of you. You will make a giant leap into tomorrow by doing your best today.

The water of life can only be drunk in the present moment. Don’t put off drinking it.

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