I Am First – Part 2

10 Jun


     In my previous post, I explained what makes it okay for me to think of myself as first in my life, and why you might consider thinking of yourself as first, too. One of the reasons that religious people might think this is a dangerous thing to do is because they imagine this will make you a selfish person. It will make you selfish if that’s as far as you go with it and don’t think about it. But we are adults, not children. It doesn’t stop there.

     One challenge with some religious professionals is that they don’t like you to think for yourself. They like to believe they have all the right answers. It’s a rejection of them personally if you don’t agree with them. But that’s insecurity. God is within you. You need to start trusting Divine Goodness to be able to help you find the answers to your questions. (That’s where meditation comes into the picture.)

     Jesus said the greatest command is to love God with all your heart. But he said a second command is equal to it: love your neighbor as yourself. God is within you. Love God within you with all your heart. God is in every human being (your neighbor). Love God in your neighbor with all your heart the same way you love God within you.

     If God is in me and God is in you, then I am first and you are first. I don’t rank love for me as higher than my love for you. Ranking is a diminishing thing. It makes one person more important than another. I am first because I accept God is within me. I love myself completely. You are first because I accept God is within you. I love you completely. Equally to myself.

     Therefore, with everything I do, I take into account how it benefits me as well as how it is beneficial to you.

     Because God is within you, I treat you like I would treat Divine Goodness.

     Because God is within you and me, we are equal. Neither is more important than the other. We are both of ultimate importance.

     How can you be humble if you think God is in you? Wouldn’t that make you egotistical? Understanding God within you is like a grain of sand imagining that it is the whole beach. It’s a grain of sand. It’s not the whole beach. For a single grain to think it’s the whole beach is egotistical, immature, and without logic. Knowing God is within me and every other person helps me stay humble. Egotism is merely a sign of insecurity, a grain of sand trying to puff itself up and appear larger than it is.

     Many have been told not to consider themselves first. But I say different. If you agree with my logic, I encourage you to unlearn what you may have been taught that convinced you not to place yourself first. You will counteract the negative with repetition. Start repeating to yourself:

I am first.

You are first.

I am a beautiful grain of sand.

You are a beautiful grain of sand.


we can make the beach a wonderful place to be.

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