How To Meditate While You Sleep

2 Jul


     I’m reading a book called “In Tune with the Infinite.” Its primary focus concerns how you and I are one with the Infinite and with each other. It reminds me of Jesus’s words, “The Father and I are one.” Little would I have ever thought I could or would say the same words. But I can and I am. And you are. And we are. One with each other and the Infinite. I want to share one particular practice I found in the book that I plan to use more often. I call it ‘how to meditate while you sleep.’

     Where do you go when you sleep? Does your mind shut off or is it only your body that shuts off? We dream. The mind still keeps going. While your body rests to rejuvenate, itself, your mind keeps going. A tired body directly impacts the mind. Your mind doesn’t work as efficiently when you don’t get adequate sleep. However, the better you take care of your body, the less sleep you may need to be rejuvenated. The point is that the mind keeps going so why not let it solve some problems while your physical body rests?

     Many people have taken advantage of sleep to find answers that are not coming to them in their waking hours. I remember reading Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time, took many naps during the day. He may have discovered the value of getting out of the way for productive thinking by doing what he could cognitively, and then allowing his inner mind to search for the answer within…where the Infinite dwells with all the answers.

     The Infinite is all-knowing. The Infinite knows everything. And you are one with the Infinite. Therefore, the answers already exist within you. You just have to learn how to find or hear them. These are the steps that will teach you how to meditate while you sleep for the purpose of gaining information that is in the best interests of peace and harmony in your life and work.

1. As you prepare for sleep, bring your mind into the attitude of peace and good-will for all. When you are in a harmonious frame of mind, you attract to yourself similar conditions of peace and good-will from outside yourself.

2. Resting in this sense of peace, quietly voice your earnest desire for the needed information you seek. Be confident that you will receive an answer. Block any fears of failure. Expect when you awake to have received an answer.

3. Upon awakening, before any thoughts or activities from the outside world come to absorb your attention, remain and be open to the intuitions or impressions that come.

4. When they present themselves clearly, act upon them without delay.

     I was never taught how or why to listen to my intuition. Few people are, and how unfortunate. The answers you receive, or intuit, if they are in tune with peace and the good of all, are from the Infinite.

     Practice. Learn to listen to your intuitions. Learn to trust your intuitions. Be sure to practice meditation during your waking hours, but take advantage of the highly productive hours of sleep. Meditate while you sleep. And let me know if you hear any answers!

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  1. Thank you for writing this, it is good to see this in print and have it confirmed.
    Personally I have noticed over many years that this method works, both during sleep and during meditation. I have many times on request received clear communications from people who are not present and/or otherwise visual images of thing that are to come. Sometimes also communications from other people, friends living far away or people not yet known to me, communications that I had not asked for.
    From my own experience the intention/desire to know needs to be strong and focused – so the answer needs to really matter to me. This information is independent of the time continuum, and writing this I am realizing I have only ever asked for this kind of knowledge about future events, so I now think it could be utilized to understand the past better as well.

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