Effects of Frequent Recreational Marijuana on Long Term Harmony

21 Oct


Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.


Some think that the answer to peace and harmony in their lives can be assisted by marijuana. That may be true if they don’t plan to live more than a few more days or months. But it’s after effects are long term and you need to understand that temporary euphoria is not the answer to a life of harmony in your body and mind.

Boy showing marijuana joint to girlDr. John Douillard wrote: “Medical marijuana—and now recreational marijuana—is quickly becoming a reality in more and more states. While there is plenty of sound scientific evidence to back up the medicinal use of marijuana for things like pain, anxiety and increasing appetite in those with chronic disease, frequent recreational use is a concern for many reasons.

Perhaps the major concern is the decline in cognitive function for adolescent-onset cannabis users, which has been scientifically demonstrated by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Drug Abuse.”[1]

According to one study, persistent cannabis use was associated with neuropsychological decline broadly across domains of functioning, even after controlling for years of education. Informants also reported noticing more cognitive problems for persistent cannabis users. Impairment was concentrated among adolescent-onset cannabis users, with more persistent use associated with greater decline. Further, cessation of cannabis use did not fully restore neuropsychological functioning among adolescent-onset cannabis users. Findings are suggestive of a neurotoxic effect of cannabis on the adolescent brain and highlight the importance of prevention and policy efforts targeting adolescents (13) http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2012/08/22/1206820109.abstract.

The walls preventing the use of marijuana are falling fast. There are some good reasons to use it, and there are some bad justifications for using it. You are the one who has to make choices based on the evidence. Is temporary escape by recreational use of marijuana going to instigate major problems later?

The scientific finding that convinces me is this statement: Cessation of cannabis use did not fully restore neuropsychological functioning among adolescent-onset cannabis users.

Your marvelously constructed physiology is not able to fix everything you do willingly that damages it. A well-functioning brain is important to the way you  will live your life tomorrow.

As Forrest Gump might say, stupid isn’t going to help you remember everything you learn in school so you can apply it. Life does not always flow downstream and there are times you need your wits to work for you.

In other words: There’s no pill or weed that’s going to restore neuropsychological functioning. And a dull brain won’t help you achieve harmony for as long as you live.


[1] http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/03/5-ways-to-get-old-fast/ via Dr. John Douillard


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