Paul W. Meier – author, speaker, teacher, publisher, Reiki MasterPaul W. Meier

Greetings, and welcome to my new blog! I’m excited to start something new with a different focus – helping you to pursue harmony in every part of your life…in your physical health, mental and emotional health, working relationships, and recreation activities.

I plan to have a little fun with it, too. My goal is to foster unity in your body, heart, and mind…and then you’ll be able to change the world in positive and constructive ways.

For several years, I’ve been blogging about religious things from a Christian’s perspective at http://www.prayingthegospels.com. I continue to blog there, focusing on new ways of translating and interpreting writings in the New Testament. In this blog, I will try to avoid the religious debate that has destroyed unity among people rather than fostered it.

Instead, I will share information to help cultivate peace and harmony in your life, internally and externally, in body, mind, spirit, and community — regardless of your faith tradition or lack thereof. For when you have peace and harmony right now, you have everything.

My research has convinced me that Jesus’s purpose was focused on bringing unity and harmony (the kingdom of the heavens) into people’s lives in the present day. In pursueharmony.com, I intend to move beyond the Christian viewpoint to show how spiritual leaders of many religious traditions have promoted harmony among and within people, too.




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