8 Ways To Be Who You Are

29 Mar


     I don’t think we were created to be anyone other than ourselves. That’s not the way I used to think. I thought I had to be as great as everyone else. And I’m afraid I spent too much of my life trying to be someone other than myself. Right now, I’m at a place that says it’s okay to be me. Not famous. Not rich. Not powerful. And I’m telling you that it’s okay for you to be you.

     So where do we go from here?

     First, let’s stop trying to prove to ourselves that we need to be someone different than what we wish we were. That’s an illusion based on what others have fed us. We’ve got to stop drinking in what others have fed us. “Others” are all the popular image of success.

     Today is a great day. Today is the best day possible – the best day available. It’s the only moment in time we can live in. So why not appreciate it? Yes, there are things that could be better. But truly, it could be worse. Much worse.

     Do you want to know how to minimize the number of bad days in your life? I can think of a few ways.

(1) Believe that you are where you are supposed to be at this point in your life. Tell yourself that every day. All the experiences you’ve had to this point have helped you to become — you. And the most important thing you can do is to become — you. You may be the only one who doesn’t appreciate the treasure of you. List your strong points. Build on your strengths. And become a better you one day at a time.

(2) Since you can’t be any other person than yourself, accept it and just focus on the next twenty-four hours. Don’t worry about what might happen twenty-five hours from now. Focus on living one full day at a time without getting in a time machine every thirty minutes and projecting yourself into the future. It doesn’t work that way. Do the best you can do in the next five minutes. Work hard at your job for eight to ten hours. Then get a life. Live your life. Open your eyes to your blessings, sleep seven to eight hours, then be you again tomorrow.

(3) Be true to yourself. There’s a voice deep inside you that speaks to you. And you talk back to it. I don’t care what you want to call that voice. I call it God. I know that God lives in me. I don’t know who lives in you but someone lives deep within your heart. That someone is your Guide. Listen to your Guide. But don’t be stupid. Your Guide lives in your heart, not in your head. Learn the difference.

(4) Trust your Guide. You are better than you think you are. Really. You’re smarter than you think you are. Really. There are some who have led you to think you might not be capable of great things. Why would you believe them? Don’t believe anyone who thinks you are less than you know yourself to be. Trust your Guide.

(5) Give thanks for everything that happens to you. Shit happens for a reason. It’s to make you bigger than you are today, stronger than you are today, more complete than you are today. It doesn’t matter if what happens is good or bad, figure out how it is supposed to make you bigger, stronger, and more complete. Then grow a little.

(6) Embrace change. Don’t be afraid to change or make changes. Think about it. Anything that doesn’t change is dead. In fact, even dead things change. Dead bodies decay. Rocks erode. Change is the way of the universe. Everything that is alive is in constant exchange with its environment. Not a cell in your body possesses the same molecules that it had six weeks ago. Everything changes. Trust that change is what brings life to you. Embrace change.

(7) Give from your fullness. How can an empty bucket give anything to anyone else? If you don’t have any love to give, you can’t fake it. But a bucket has to be open to receive love before it can give love away. When your bucket is half full, it’s hard to give without worrying that there might not be any left. Let me give you a start. I love you. You are awesome. There’s nobody in this world like you. You’re amazing. Read this again and again until it starts overflowing.

(8) Be a farmer. Plant the seeds of your future. What you sow today is what you will reap in the future. It’s the law of the universe. Want good things to come to you? Freely and willingly, without expectation of return, give of yourself to others. You’ll never be disappointed if you give without expectation. Johnny Appleseed never expected to see a single apple from any of the seeds he scattered. Do the same. Plant seeds of goodness everywhere. Your life will be better for it. Lots of other lives will be better also.

     Well, that’s probably all you have time to read in this sitting. But come back again and reread it. This is the first day of the rest of your life. You can make your life a great one by being yourself.

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