7 Ways to Change Your Energy

14 Nov


I’ve been surprised at myself this last week. I’ve felt angry. Discouraged. Unsure of what difference I am actually able to make in the world. I think the negative energy that fills the news media and social media is taking its toll. Unfortunately, bad news sells better than good news. Who doesn’t watch TV or listen to the radio or sit in front of a computer screen or do it all on an ipad or cellphone? Our brains are like a computer. Whatever you put into them is the only think that can come out. Garbage in, garbage out. Negative energy in, negative energy out.

If you internalize the negativity, it can adversely affect your health as well as the way you perform. If you let negative energy build up, it eventually gets expelled—sometimes in acceptable ways and other times, in ways that hurt others. Then what you sow is what you’ll reap. So how can you take charge of your energy so that you can use it to your advantage and achieve harmony in your life? Here’s a list to start with:

(1) Become aware of your energy. How do you know if something is having a negative impact on your body, mind, or spirit if you do not take the time to go within and find out what’s going on? That’s why I recommend a daily practice of meditation. You have little control over your external world when you are not in control of your inner world. In the efforts to clear your mind of thoughts, you begin to recognize what thoughts try to disrupt your peace. And you’ve given yourself time to focus on letting the negative energy go.

(2) Get physical. Release negative energy through regular exercise. Energy is energy. Use your muscles to burn away what has been building up through the day or week or year. When you exercise, you know you are doing something for yourself. You are loving yourself. No matter where the love comes from, it’s good to feel loved. Another physical thing you can do is to literally “sweep away” the negative energy. You have an energy bubble around you that is known as your aura. It affects you in more ways than science has been able to quantify. The simple act of using your hands to sweep negative energy out of your bubble is amazingly effective. Again, this is you exercising control over unwelcome energy so it cannot do damage to you.

(3) Get outdoors. Being in nature connects you with the positive energy of the earth and creation. Take off your shoes and socks. Walk in the sand or grass. Your feet have the biggest pores in your body. Connect directly with the earth. Feel strength and beauty and creativity flow through your feet and into your body. Get out of your made-up world and get into the real world. Let nature speak to you.

(4) Redefine success for yourself. What’s your passion? We live in a world that teaches us to push ourselves to the limit. And if we don’t work hard enough, we won’t succeed. That’s a falsehood. You are the only person who gets to define what success is for you. Those who are living their passion never have to “work.” Success is doing what brings peace and joy into your heart and mind. Some people can do that and make a living with it. Others are able to work and follow their passion in other ways.

(5) Get more sleep. Sometimes the best way to burn off negative energy is to take a nap. Tiredness and unproductive effort come from not replenishing what is depleted. The human body needs time to replace the good physical and mental energy it has released. Whether that’s done with eight hours of sleep all at one time, or in shorter segments that add up to 7-8 hours. You are powerful when you are rested. You’re an inefficient noodle when you are depleted. Sleep is not wasting time. Sleep will make you more working hours more efficient.

(6) Restrict the negative input. Negative energy breeds negative energy. Are you taking in television that is violent, vindictive, or vulgar? Do you stay up late watching junk, and eating junk? Are you addicted to social media? Is that your only social contact? You have to counterbalance the negative with positive if you expect better things. Choose to get involved in organizations and activities that focus on helping you improve yourself. You are what you watch or listen to.

(7) Bring peace of mind, joy, or harmony to someone else. Did you know that doing an act of kindness increases the level of endorphins released in your brain? Endorphins are very good things. Maybe we should call them the happiness hormones. Doing what you love that at the same time brings peace or joy to others would make drugs and alcohol unnecessary and obsolete. True success is found in your helping hand.

Pursuing harmony takes some effort. You are in the driver’s seat of the rest of your life. Make a choice to take charge of the world you live in. Don’t worry about changing the whole world. You will make the greatest impact on the whole world by changing yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself better. You’re worth it. Be the strongest voice for harmony in your own world. Start with your physical and mental health. Refuse to absorb the negativity of others. Fill your bubble with goodness, peace, and joy. Look for the good in everything. Do things you love to do. Then do one thing at a time to bring harmony into another person’s life.

Do you have things you do that help change your energy?

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