5 Steps to Putting Your World Together

27 Aug

As a follow up to my previous post, here are five steps that will help you put your world together. It’s easy for me to talk about putting your world together but if I don’t give you some suggestions how to go about it, that wouldn’t be very helpful. Here they are:

1. Meditation. There’s no question in my mind that the daily practice of meditation has the greatest power to transform and harmonize your inner mind. I think people avoid meditation because going into the inner world is a step into the darkness – not darkness as in a negative part of you, but simply the absence of understanding (light). One benefit of meditation is that it has a way of opening your eyes to things you never understood about yourself. Silencing the noise in your mind frees the true Self to help you decipher why you think, speak, and act the way you do. You’ll never sort out the mystery of yourself if you don’t venture into the unknown recesses of your being.

2. Affirmations. What you say is what you get.  Your brain hears what you say and acts accordingly. What you put into your mind is what you get. If you listen to television commentators who say the world is falling apart, you will see every little thing that contributes to a world in disharmony. And that will make you depressed, cynical, and critical. People who can only see the negative bring disharmony and unease to their environments. When you affirm that you hold the keys to unity in your life and believe that there is constant positive improvement in the world, that more and more people are doing the right things, you will begin to see and hear things that reinforce your affirmations and you will be encouraged. Constantly affirm your own goodness and ability to make a difference.

3. Permission. Working on bringing your body, mind, and spirit is very important.  Give yourself permission to make working to bring harmony to your own life of highest importance. This does not mean you take care of number one to the detriment and exclusion of others around you. Others matter. They are part of your world. They just don’t matter more than you. You must take care of yourself so that you can be the best parent, spouse, coworker, employee, etc. Taking care of yourself requires that you make hard choices. It’s not your responsibility to be in charge of someone else’s happiness. Each of us is given the free will and the power to find unity and harmony within ourselves. It’s the work we each have to do for ourselves.

4. Let go. You will not be able to put your world together if you continue to hold onto all the things people said were true when you were a child. Maturing to adulthood requires going through everything you’ve ever been told is true, holding it up to test it for truth, and making a choice to accept it or reject it. What is the test for truth? I like the definition for the Aramaic word translated as “truth.” Truth is right and harmonious direction. Truth is that which liberates and opens possibilities, or is strong and vigorous. If you are to become strong and vigorous, liberated and open to new possibilities, and dedicated to offering right and harmonious direction that brings unity in the world, then allow yourself to let go of all those things you have been conditioned to think that oppose “truth.”

5. Live in the moment. Decide to live this day for everything it offers. Then do the same thing again tomorrow. I’ve spent too many days of life planning, calculating, anticipating, and living for the future. You can’t experience joy today if you think something has to be done in order to have joy tomorrow. Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” My book about Heaven explains that the kingdom Jesus referred to was the development of harmony and unity in this life. He also said, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven” and everything else will fall into place – your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs will be met. Make it your first priority to seek unity of mind, body, and spirit in your life today. The rest will fall into place.

Work on yourself. Develop unity and harmony in your own being today. Meditation, affirmations, permission, letting go of untruths, and living in the moment will provide the starting points for putting your life together.


Affirmation: I free myself to experience all the gifts that life has to offer me today.

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