4 Reasons Not To Be Cynical

23 Jul

     I started writing a blog yesterday for my other site. It’s a religion-focused site and I am getting very cynical, to the point of snarky, about religion. I didn’t expect my wife to see what I wrote, but the fact that I left it on the computer must have been providential. She asked, “What was THAT all about? You’re not going to let anyone see it, are you?”

     Busted. But wiser because of it.

     Now that I think about it, being cynical never changes anything. The synonyms that MS Word gives me for cynical are “pessimistic, mocking, skeptical, sarcastic, distrustful, superstitious, disparaging.” Is that how I want to appear? No.

     So as a sermon to myself, I thought I’d come up with four reasons not to be cynical.

 1. Cynical people seek to find something bad in other things in order to make themselves feel superior, when in fact, they feel inferior. It makes them feel important to disagree. They look for the worst in everything. They look for reasons why NOT to agree with anything. You can see an inferiority complex by the sarcasm and doubt they project. If you want to project confidence and self-esteem, find the good in every situation. You will always find what you look for.

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2. Birds of a feather flock together. It matters who you hang out with. You become like those you hang out with. And influential people make choices by the company you keep. Instead, choose friends who will influence you to become more positive and productive and motivated. This is a formula that leads to success.

3. Cynical people play no part in making the world a better place. They have all criticisms and no answers that make anything better. Cynical people manipulate with fear and doubt rather than inspire people to act with hope and enthusiasm. Very few people are motivated to make positive changes by their negativity. All cynicism does is make people defensive and uncooperative.

4. Cynicism gets old fast for positive and successful people. It’s hard enough to keep a positive attitude in an average day without having to listen to pessimism. It’s a self-defense mechanism to abandon or avoid sarcastic people. Do it or you’ll get drawn into their trap.

     Do everything you can to promote peace and harmony in the world in which you live. It may take some work and practice, but you’ll see results sooner than you imagine. Remember, what you give out is what will come back to you. Cynicism is not a cure for anything. You reap what you sow. Sow goodness and positivity. You won’t regret it.

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