10 Thoughts from Non-Existence

19 Dec


     I read a poem by Rumi and decided to take the challenge. I thought, “Hmmm. I think I’ll give that a try. Let’s see what I come up with.” It’s fair to say that I just returned from a spirituality group that I meet with every Monday evening for two hours. So that has influenced my frame of mind. Here’s the poem and then ten thoughts that came to my mind.


The absolute Being creates out of non-existence; what other workshop
But non-existence could the Creator of Existence have?
Do you write over what is already written?
Do you plant a sapling where there’s one growing already?
No! So look for a piece of paper no one has written on;
Search for a place where nothing has ever been sown.
Be a place unsown, a white paper no writing has stained,
So the Pen of Mercy can ennoble you, and the Merciful One
Can sow in your blindness the seed of Pure Vision.
Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

     Here’s what came from non-existence: 

(1) One cannot know what one is unwilling to imagine.

(2) One cannot experience the absolute Being by treading the beaten-down paths of tradition and conditioning.

(3) One cannot hear the absolute Being when thinking he already knows the answers.

(4) Seeing is not believing because what you see is often an illusion.

(5) The absolute Being cannot create anything in or through you if you are already full. Let something go. Be empty enough to be free.

(6) Advancement is not possible when clinging to what needs to be left behind.

(7) The Greek word translated as “forgive” means to let go. Sometimes we have to let go of thoughts, actions, and even people in order to move forward.

(8) Filling the mind with facts clouds the emptiness needed for imagination to occur.

(9) The mind is not a place to store information. It is a place to process information for the purpose of building oneness and unity.

(10) Unlearning is the goal of spiritual growth.

      I continue to think that the practical purpose of meditation is learning to let go of thoughts that enter your mind. Have you ever wondered where some thoughts come from? Who planted them in your brain? Sometimes thoughts come through that you question why you would think them. Meditation helps you to be intentional about saying, “I choose not to think that anymore. I let it go.” Meditation teaches you to release what has filled you so you can be empty enough to learn and grow.

     Why don’t you try it for yourself. Empty yourself of thoughts, then sit down and let the absolute Being speak. You might be surprised at what comes out.

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